Innovation to Advance Safety

NautilusHooks™ is setting a new standard in workplace safety advancing the global lifting industry with the next generation of advanced Nautilus “Double Locking” Hooks.

The patented “automatic locking” technology, is a unique safety innovation that significantly improves the intrinsic safety and integrity of the hook, providing users a new level of personal safety and lifting assurance in their lifting environment.


Nautilus Double Locking (NDL) Hooks

A technical advance for industry, NDL safety hooks provide the highest level of integrity and personal safety to lifting operations across the industrial sectors. From factory gantries, mobile, and construction cranes to lifting operations in the demanding offshore and marine environments.

If you're serious about lifting safety, next generation NDL hooks provide assurance, integrity and intrinsic safety to your lifting operations, improving workplace safety and reducing personal risks.

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Subsea/ROV Compatible Hooks

Developed with industry insight and participation, Nautilus Subsea/ROV Hooks are unique in the sector, incorporating the company’s patented “positive locking mechanism”. This locking mechanism eliminates the inherent, known risks of existing subsea equipment to self-release a load in the unpredictable hydrodynamics of the subsea lifting environment.

Nautilus ROV Hooks are the cost-efficient solution to safe, secure subsea lifting operations.

Extended range of new models are now available.

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Become An Official Supplier

Nautilus Hooks Limited offers commercial incentives to international customers wishing to become an Official Supplier of advanced, NautilusHooks lifting products.

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